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Magical Mermaid Poster Set

Magical Mermaid Poster Set

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Dive into an undersea world of magical mermaid play with this fin-tastic poster and activity set! Your walls will come alive with TWO jumbo 48x63 inch posters - one of a beautiful mermaid and another of a sweet sea turtle swimming through glittering waters.  

  • Special Holiday Order available ONLY While Supplies Last!
  • 1 HUGE 48" X 63" Mermaid Poster (FOLDED)
  • 1 HUGE 48" X 63" Sea Turtle Poster (FOLDED) 
  • 15-Page Mermaid Coloring eBook to Download 
  • 1 Set of 18CT Double-Tip Markers (Brush + Fine Tip)
  • 1 Set of 16CT Crayons  
  • 1 Mermaid Tail or Seashell Pencil Sharpener*
  • 1 Mermaid notebook with mermaid tail pen* 
  • 1 slap bracelet and 1 stretch bracelet, 1 mermaid key chain, 1 mermaid ring, various mermaid stickers* 

This whimsical mermaid poster and activity set will most engage creative girls who love fantasy themes and make-believe. Ignite their imagination through art, decorative play, and storytelling adventures.

*colors and designs will vary


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