Debbie Lynn is Proud to Support Our Healthcare Workers

Check out this poster colored by the clients of one of our customers!

In this long term care facility, residents had an opportunity to spend time coloring one of our posters.

Once the "job" was complete, they were beyond thrilled to see the colored poster framed and displayed in their assisted living facility.

Why Healthcare Workers Love Huge Coloring Posters

Coloring posters are great for relaxation and stress relief, not only for patients, but for healthcare workers as well!

Many of the caregivers who buy our posters hang them in their lunch rooms at work, so their coworkers can do some coloring on their lunch breaks.

It's a great way to de-stress, and if you haven't tried yet, you should!

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Here's What Some of Our Healthcare Workers Had to Say:


Our office staff LOVE this idea and the posters are great. We use brush markers, Sharpies and other markers and it does NOT bleed through to the wall. The size is great for more than one person to color at a time and the quality is outstanding. This is our second poster and we are ordering a third for Christmas holiday. It really does help with reducing stress- our jobs in public health can be challenging and this has been wonderful for staff.

Stacey W.


It's a work in progress for my amazing postpartum nurses at North Austin Medical Center.

The markers work great and are long lasting!

Diane W.


We put this up for Nurses week in our break room and everyone is loving participating in coloring.

Tami B.


We have a coffee shop in our recovery center. Bringing the community together is a big part of our program. What better then a HUGE coloring poster. When people come in they are welcome to sit at the table and color a section. Once it is complete we will hang it up. Thank you for creating these beautiful posters. They bring hope and inspiration to all!

Patti S.

Healthcare workers are raving about these posters!