1 What is your shipping time? 

We are located in Texas, USA.  We require 2-3 BUSINESS days to process your order and then shipping is 2 to 3 days depending on USA location.  

International shipping depends on which country the items are shipping. It can take from 1 to 3 weeks shipping.

2 If I choose Priority Shipping will this expedite my order? 

We send shipments in the order they are received, so no, choosing USPS Priority shipping only decreases the amount of time it takes for the package to arrive in the mail, it does not "bump" your order to the top of the pile above everyone else.

If you are ordering for a special occasion, please leave enough shipping and processing time so you will not be disappointed. 

3 What do you recommend for coloring the posters?

We recommend color pencils, crayons, pastels, and washable markers. We do NOT recommend permanent markers, paints or alcohol based markers without putting poster board, card board or foam board behind the posters.

4 Will markers bleed through the posters?

We use a thick 70# paper. Bleed through is not usually an issue. However, if this is a concern, as it is still just paper, put poster board, card board or foam board behind the posters. Do not color on top of fabric or porous non washable surfaces.

5 Will markers stop coloring if you are standing up while coloring?

Not usually. We have colored entire posters standing. However, pens and gel pens are gravity fed and will stop coloring while standing and coloring.

6 Why do you use priority shipping mostly?

The difference between ground and priority shipping is a few cents and we notice that with priority shipping, the posters are handled better. The rolled posters are considered an odd size for postage.

7 Why is shipping so much?

Paper this large is heavy. Furthermore, the tube is heavy to protect the poster and as you can imagine, the poster is very long. 

My order was damaged in shipping, what should I do? 

Please take pictures of the damage and send them to customer service at orders [at] debbielynn.net. We will determine if they are too damaged to use and need to be replaced, or if they can be used, offer you a discount. 

10 How do you recommend hanging the posters?

We use painter's tape, 3M Poster strips, and decorative push pins that match the poster theme!

11 An email was sent with my tracking information, but I am seeing no movement in my item, what is happening?

We print your label with tracking information, but you will not see movement until the post office scans in your package on their end. This usually happens the day after you see the tracking number, it does not mean your package is lost.

12 Do you ship to APO/AE?

Yes we do. However, please be certain your base will accept ROLLED posters. The 48" length of the tube may be restricted. We can send them as folded posters with no problems. Please reach out to customer service  -
orders [at] debbielynn.net  for more information.