•1 What is your shipping time? 

We are located in MD, USA.  We require 2 to 3 days to process the order and then shipping is 2 to 3 days depending on USA location.

International shipping depends on which country the items are shipping. It can take from 1 to 3 weeks shipping.

•2 What do you recommend for coloring the posters?

We recommend color pencils, crayons, pastels, and washable markers. We do NOT recommend permanent markers, paints or alcohol based markers without putting poster board, card board or foam board behind the posters.

•3 Will markers bleed through the posters?

We use a thick 70# paper. This is not usually an issue. However, if this is a concern, as it is still just paper, put poster board, card board or foam board behind the posters. Do not color on top of fabric or porous non washable surfaces.

•4 Will markers stop coloring if you are standing up while coloring?

Not usually. We have colored entire posters standing. However, pens and gel pens are gravity fed and will stop coloring while standing and coloring.

•5 Why do you use priority shipping mostly?

The difference between ground and priority shipping is a few cents and we notice that with priority shipping, the posters are handled better. The posters rolled are considered an odd size for postage.

•6 Why can shipping be costly?

Paper this large is heavy. Furthermore, if you order the poster Rolled the tube is heavy to protect the poster and as you can imagine, the poster is very long. We offer a folded version of the posters for cheaper, lighter shipping.

•7 What is the difference between Folded and Rolled Posters?

Rolled posters are rolled into a 48" tube to protect the poster from the shipping process. Folded posters are folded and shipped in a pouch. You can decrease the folds by rolling the folded poster overnight before coloring.

•8 Are personalized posters in the regular sets?

The personalized posters are printed one by one requiring much more time and labor and are not in our sets. Our regular posters are mass produced allowing for a lower price point.

•9 How do you recommend hanging the posters?

We use painter's tape, 3M Poster strips and decorative push pins that match the poster theme!