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Background 37 Custom Personalized Giant Coloring Poster 46"x60"

Background 37 Custom Personalized Giant Coloring Poster 46"x60"

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Create a custom coloring poster order that includes your company logo, school mascot, or just something fun for a family member or friend. We've got you covered!

Our custom coloring posters are printed in our unique, super huge size, 46" x 60"! 

Step 1: Browse the poster variations in the collection. This is BACKGROUND 37 - Click the "Personalize it" button to tell us what you want on the poster. You'll end up writing all over it, but that's ok; we only use it for gathering information!

Step 2: Do you want the poster in landscape or portrait orientation? Choose the button. 

Step 3: Do you have a preference for text placement? Top, Middle, or Bottom - choose the button.

Step 4: Are you sending a logo? Once you receive your CONFIRMATION EMAIL, reply and attach your logo (if you're providing one). It's best for us to have it as a vector file, either .AI, .EPS, or .SVG format.

Step 5:  We'll create the first draft and email a draft for you to review and approve.  You'll have the option to collaborate with us on any changes you want to make. We won't ship until it is exactly what you imagined! 

Have questions? Email us at, and we'll start the conversation to create your custom coloring poster. 

Don't see what you want? You can have our in-house design team create a 100% custom poster from scratch. Use this link for your order.

Please note that lower rates are available for bulk orders.

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