Create Your Own® is our line of artist quality arts and crafts and art supplies. Whether you are a budding artist or seasoned professional, our Create Your Own product line has what you need to unlock your artistic talents. Our colored pencils, artist pencils, markers and crayons have been featured at major retail stores across the country for years. We have perfected our inks, leads and crayons to offer uncompromising quality that exceeds expensive national brands. To enhance your artistic experience, we have unique finishes such as neon and metallic inks and leads. Perhaps you are seeking a more sensory experience? You might enjoy our scented markers featuring mouth-watering fruit and candy fragrances. If you just want a big box of vividly colored crayons, or a full spectrum of colored pencils, we offer those too!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our Create Your Own products, so our items are kid friendly and adult pleasing. No one likes a mess, so our coloring and writing instruments are fully washable (except permanent markers). If little fingers find their way into little mouths, no worries, our products are manufactured to strict specifications and are extensively safety tested.

At Debbie Lynn, Inc., we want you to have the tools to open the door to your own creativity. Create Your Own… designs, artwork, decorations, gifts, keepsakes or memories!