15 PC Spaced Out® Desk Cube Set

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Connect your cubes and build up as you need on your desk or work space!



Who says being Spaced Out is a bad thing?

At Debbie Lynn, Inc., we are all Spaced Out with our line of desk, locker and household storage containers and accessories. Maybe you strive for a cleaner, more organized desk, or the coolest locker at school? I could be that you just haven’t found that perfect way to store tools, make up, your favorite pens and markers. Now, you can relax and get Spaced Out with our team!

The flagship of our Spaced Out line is our patented cube system that allows you to design and build the optimum storage system for your needs. This system of interlocking cubes with drawers, dividers and connectors allows you to customize and organize your space. Available in an array of colors, this system is both fashionable and functional. It is also fun to build, and best of all, you can redesign the system at any time to accommodate new space, or just to mix things up a bit! You can be Spaced Out in your kitchen, garage, toy room, bedroom, office, dorm room or anywhere you need to organize and stylize.

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