Hungry to express yourself? Order Take Out!

Stationery Take Out® by Debbie Lynn, Inc. is a line of trendy, fun and functional writing instruments, school supplies and office accessories. Everybody likes take-out and this line has something for everyone. Look for the latest styles, trends, patterns, characters and colors in this line. Here are some of the items on this delicious menu:

Mechanical Pencils
Glitter and Neon Gel Pens
3D Erasers
Novelty Pens
Pencil Sharpeners
Shaped Paperclips
Designer Magnets…… And Much More!

No matter what you need for your office, classroom, backpack or desk, Stationery Take Out will add some spice to your work. And don’t worry, everything is tested thoroughly, not by the FDA, but to all federal and state consumer protection standards.