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Our Story

Our Story

Debbie Lynn, Inc. began its journey with a single item… a musical pen.  Having grown up in the stationery industry, Debbie Melnick, the daughter of Pentech International, Inc. founder, Norman Melnick, formed Debbie Lynn, Inc. in 1998. 

Deeply rooted in the stationery industry, Debbie quickly captured the attention of major U.S. retail customers by offering reliable service, corporate responsibility, competitive pricing, but most importantly, a pride and personal touch that has become the trademark of Debbie Lynn, Inc.  With a solid understanding of manufacturing and a keen sense of design, Debbie expanded the company’s product line beyond writing instruments and into arts and crafts, novelties, and back to school items.  Today, Debbie Lynn, Inc. is regarded as a partner in product development and design to its customers. 

Having a strong reputation as a trusted supplier, Debbie Lynn, Inc. is embarking on the next phase of its journey.  With a new branding statement, fun and exciting new products, and continued best-in-class design and customer service, Debbie Lynn, Inc. is setting the standards for the stationery industry.