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It was inevitable that someday I would follow in my father’s big footsteps.


Deborah Melnick, CEO

It was inevitable that someday I would follow in my father’s big footsteps.  While other kids were rolling in the mud and playing on playgrounds, I was running through the hallways of Magic Marker and Pentech International, Inc., trying to stay out the workers’ way.   To keep busy my father would give me new products to try, and I loved it.  Soon I was recruited as his “official” product tester.  Moving through the ranks, I saw firsthand and participated in every step of what goes into making pens, markers, packaging and shipping.

Being able to work closely with my father and observe how he ran his businesses has had a major impact on my life and career.  Watching him constantly improve and refine, I find myself thinking of ways to make something more useful, unique or function better and how to run my business better.   While my father wrestled with challenges such as perfecting a smear-proof ink, and the proper blend of plastics for markers, I face a set of different challenges.  For instance, implementing consistent quality control measures in an international manufacturing environment, assuring compliance with ever-changing testing standards and meeting customer demands through product innovation and design.  However, being raised to approach challenges with an eye toward problem-solving and improvement, has provided me with the ability to overcome the challenges thrown at me on a daily basis.

To date, my greatest challenge arose in 2005 when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.   I like to think my father’s influence and my experience as a business entrepreneur helped me face the obstacles of this disease.  Rather than giving up, I have made it my mission to fight MS, and Debbie Lynn, Inc. offers a vehicle for doing that.  We are currently working on a variety of products that are designed to raise awareness of this disease and the proceeds of which, will be used in the fight for a cure.   This website includes links to sites for more information about the efforts Debbie Lynn, Inc. and other companies and persons are making towards the treatment and cure of MS.